Biology major as a second option?


If I don't get into the nursing program this time around (my second time applying) would it be a bad idea to seek a biomed major and then do the accelerated nursing program?


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If it was me, it would depend on how many more classes I would need. If it would take me more than one year to complete the classes then I probably wouldn't. Because then you may be putting of the nursing program even longer. Also, don't forget to consider financial aid. I don't know if you are receiving financial aid or if you are paying out of your pocket but if you are; I know that most schools only allow a certain amount of credits before they will cut you off of financial aid. So just be aware of that.

But if you don't get into the nursing program and it isn't inconvenient to take more classes, then I would say go for it. While I was doing my nursing pre-req's I also took classes to fulfill the requirements for the social work program. I wanted a back-up in case the nursing didn't work out. I am starting nursing school in the fall but I intend to finish the social work as well. More education usually never hurts. Especially if if is relevant to nursing. And Biology definitely is.


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That's basically what I did. I was originally a biomed major, decided to change to nursing and did prereqs. Well, most of the biomed stuffs counted for prereqs. But unfortunately, when I'd applied for nursing school, I didn't get accepted the first few times, but I continued my biomed major with the intentions of graduating because I didn't want to waste time just applying to school. I figured I'd do the accelerated BSN as well.

It is unfortunate, though, that I got accepted to nursing school when I'd only need ONE more class for my biomed degree and graduate. Haha. But I'm happy I got into nursing school. It's my first semester in and I'm taking that last class (biochemistry, ugh) in order to just finish up the biomed major. I guess I'll graduate nursing school with a double major.

There's no problem with doing a major that's semi-related to nursing. If anything, you'll go in to the accelerated program with MORE information (i.e. biology, chemistry, organic chemistry if you need to take it) and you'll be more equipped. The microbiology class I had to take for biomed was MUCH MUCH harder than the prereq for nursing school. Right now I feel like everything is a review, especially when it comes to pharmacology, because a lot of it is chemistry, biology, some micro. It's nice :).

Anyway, good luck with your classes whether it's nursing or biomed. :chuckle

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