BioChemistry or Microbiology over the summer

Nursing Students Pre-Nursing


Am I crazy to even think about taking either of these over the summer? What are some of your thoughts? How did you guys fair in these subjects? is one better than the other to take over the summer?

I wouldn't do it, but if I did, I would take micro. Chem is always a bear for me. BTW, I once took anatomy in a five week summer session. Won't be doing something like that again.

My counselor actually told me it was suicide to take micro during the summer, but fear not! I did it 2 summers ago and here I am, alive and well. :)

The schedule was intense! I was on campus Monday-Thursday for 2 hour lectures and 3 hour labs. Everything seemed so fast paced and condensed, but I didn't find it any more difficult than any other bio course. Actually, I took physiology that following fall semester and found that 16 weeks of phys was more difficult than 8 weeks of condensed micro!

Looking back, micro was fun! That might have been the reason why I didn't find it all that difficult. I loved the lab! Growing and identifying bacteria was way more fun than poking at...dead things. lol

Anywho enough of my ranting! If I had to choose between micro and biochem, it'd be micro all the way. It's definitely doable.

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