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Bio 202 at Rio Salado Spring 2010


Hi there this is my first post, though i have been perusing the articles and threads on allnurses.com for 2 years now! I'm so thrilled to finally be a part of this welcoming family full of smart powerful nurses and potential nurses! Yay! :yeah: I start Bio 202 (A&P part 2) next week, and completed (and passed!!) Bio 201 through them last semester with a HEINOUS teacher (who actually said in his bio that he hates teaching classes online!). Since Rio doesn't allow communication between students on its own website, i was wondering if anyone on this site was signed up for Bio 202 through Rio this semester? Thought we could communicate a bit to help each other out, i know i live for the Dr. Oz show, as well as Trauma, Life In The ER and Dr. G: Medical Examiner...i find that those episodes help me learn and apply knowledge since my class and lab is just online. I also come equipped with facebook access to a high school friend who with a PhD in neurology and anatomy, and as a chriopractor, was the lead prosector at a cadaver lab in St. Louis. This gentleman is now beginning his neuro residency (Like Dr. McDreamy lol) and is open to answering questions from me or any friends i may have! He loves to teach, i love to learn! :)

Thanks all for reading this, lets see if we can get some threads started to develop a mini study group or some way to communicate for more clarity on some issues.

Future nurse, and current esthetician,


Hi Andrea,

Too bad I didn't see your post sooner...could have studied together:) How random do you think the final will be? I'm freaking out about the details...Do you have any suggestions on what to really focus on? I'm reviewing and planning on taking the exam on Saturday

Good luck with that next A&P class.

There are only two A&P classes, Bio 201 and bio 202. Do you mean microbiology? I loved both of these classes!