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Binghamton vs Stony Brook vs Your suggestion


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Hello everyone.

I am finishing my prereqs at my community college so far I have

A&P 1and2, Chemistry, Microbio, Psychology 101 and dev, eng 101 and 102 and a couple of other classes with a gpa of 3.8 so far.

I am looking to apply to Binghamton or Stony Brook since I have heard good things and more important they are cheap.

I don't have a lot of extracurricular activities and was wondering how realistic are my hopes of getting into these programs. Also could you please share your experiences of campus life and other experiences in general.

If you have any suggestions for other affordable colleges I would greatly appreciate your help. Thanks.


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My motto is apply...the worst they can say is no.

Yes it is very competitive on the state level...but it is competitive everywhere now.

I am assuming you are applying for Fall 2011 because the deadline for both Stonybrook and Binghamton have passed.

I am presently attending Lehman and I am looking to transfer out into a private BSN program. Do I think I have a chance to get in? Yes, but I also know that nursing is one of the hardest programs to get into right now so all I can hope for is the best.

Lehman College has a nursing program ( that is crazy hard to get into). But do not count out private universities ( such as Pace, Adelphi) because the financial aid package might surprise you.

I am applying to private schools because I know that my chances if getting in are higher than only limiting myself to public colleges.

So you could also include Lehman, SUNY Farmingdale.....and if you want to go private- Pace U, Wagner College, Adelphi U, NYU,NYIT, College of New Rochelle

Hope that helps

Apply to both & MANY MORE, and not just state schools in NY. With the mounting budget cuts, Binghamton cut back its junior transfer admissions to 5-7. ONLY 5-7 FOR JUNIOR YEAR. That is soooooo few, and there are over 300 applicants so acceptance is extremely slim