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So, I (hoping to be a future nurse...entering grad school in Fall 2005 and I am applying this Fall to a bunch of Master's Entry Programs...) was wondering, what you think are the best and worst parts of being a nurse...

Also, out of these schools, which have good reps? (I have my opinions, but I want other opnions as well) or what has anyone heard about the school(s): (In no certain order)

1.) Johns Hopkins

2.) Columbia

3.) UCSF

4.) Univ San Francisco

5.) Michigan

6.) U Mass Amherst

7.) Yale

8.) Penn

9.) SFSU


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FranEMTnurse, CNA, LPN, EMT-I

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Worst: Giving enemas, cleaning vomit and snot, removing an impaction, and cleaning up massive messes of dia, dia, dia, the shits!:mad:

Best: Handling all new little munchkins, demonstrating their baths to the new parents, and watching them be born.:D Ooooh, yeeeahh!


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Helping a patient come back from the brink of death to the point where they regain their independence.

Being told by a patient "you're a wonderful nurse!"

Pitching in/working as a team with coworkers to benefit patients.

Patient education

Patients who participate in their care in a positive way

Feeling like I make a difference


Verbal abuse from patients.

Precaution rooms

Cleaning up vomit/sputum/stool (esp. C Diff!)

Cleaning obese patients with unidentified matter in their skin folds (gross, I know, but just being honest!!!!!!)

Moving patients who weigh over 250


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"unidentified objects..." whew, that's bad. Somethign to look forward to?


So patients DO actually sporadically show appreciation? I would think it rather hard to be so underappreciated...I've also had trouble with that...guess I'll have to toughen up and get used to it, though.

The abuse part scares me a little...esp. with some of the other postings I've seen on other threads....Yikes!

It really saddens me that one nurse got decked by a doctor and when the cops came, noyone would stand up for her/him (don't remember which thread that was in). Also when doctors are given leeway, yet nurses lose their job. Politics suck!

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Originally posted by jewelsg627


It really saddens me that one nurse got decked by a doctor and when the cops came, noyone would stand up for her/him ( [/b]

I don't understand why this still happens in some place. I work at a unionized teaching hospital in the NW and if our medical director makes it clear that he wants to know of ANY type of abuse from doctors be it verbal or physical.

The docs here are 95% cool and if one dares to even raise his voice to a nurse, everyone will back the nurse and the senior resident will come up and chew out the offending doc. It doesn't have to happen often though.

jnette, ASN, EMT-I

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The actual hands-on patient care

Bringing a smile to those who need one

Making someone feel special

Comforting, reassuring, educating, listening

Holding a hand

and LEARNING NEW STUFF !!! :D ...then getting to practice and apply what you've learned.


The multilpe, redundant, and IMHO often needless documentation issues.

BSing administrators

Losing a patient you have become attached to


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Best: Being able to teach someone about their disease and helping them with whatever they need to know. To help someone and have them or someone in their family make a special effort to come and thank you.

Worst: Being away from your family on holidays/weekends.

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