Best way to improve chances of getting hired as a new grad RN


I am graduating this summer and really want to start working ASAP. I have heard a number of the hospitals in the area have hiring freezes. Since there are going to be a limited number of spots available for new grad RNs in the area, I want to do whatever I can to improve my chances of getting hired. I don't know what hospital I want to work at, honestly I just don't want to be unemployed very long. How can I help improve my chances of being hired? I have some spare time this session and want to dedicate it to improving my hireability. I have considered a Spanish course for medical personnel (it's offered at a hospital nearby). I know I can't become fluent in 6 months, but will this help at all? What else can I do to help stand out from the pack? I took a lot of French in high school and college (5 years total), is it a common enough language (in Cali) to try to brush up on my reading and speaking? One hospital I looked at recommends taking an EKG interpretation class for all applicants. Will that help much at other hospitals? I already qualify to take the state LVN exam from my BSN education so far. Should I go ahead and get licensed (as LVN) so I can work part-time and have some job experience. I currently have zero work experience in any field. I know some people in my program have CNA experience. Can I get hired as a CNA with my BSN education so far (6 months left to complete)? I found a conflict management workshop that I am taking soon. The associate director of my program highly recommended it (for everyone, not me specifically). Also, I have no idea what kind of stuff to say on the interviews. I know I've heard there are "no right or wrong answers" but I'm pretty sure there is certain stuff they want to hear and not hear. Any tips?? Also, I'm kind of shy and some places nearby have group interviews, which is really freaking me out! I don't like to be that "Hey look at me!!" kind of person, it's just not me. Should I force myself to be center of attention like other people I know in order to get hired. I know if I were the hiring manager, I would find that annoying, but I am the one being hired and need to do what they want of me, whatever that may be. Thanks in advance for all your help, I am soooo terrified of being unemployed.

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I totally understand how you are feeling. I am not very good at selling myself to prospective employers. I have a hard time seeing what I have to offer. Many of my classmates have worked in the hospital prior to nursing school and they all have jobs already. I wish you much luck and let me know if you find any answers.

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