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Which do you all think is a better volunteer opportunity to check out nursing: (I am interested in working in OB).

Working on the Maternity floor transporting patients, making beds, helping the nurses stock supplies.

Working with the children helping with feeding, bathing, keeping them company.

Or is it six of one, half dozen of another?


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I think it depends on your personal preference. Which one sounds like what you would like to do?

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Definitely not the same. If your interest is in OB, take the first one. It may be more fun to volunteer with the kids (and you may realize you want to go into Peds rather than OB), but experience-wise, the first one is the better bet. You'll get to know the supplies (believe me, you'll need to know them!), learn procedure for transport, etc. as well as the exposure you'll have to the type of patients you'll be working with as a nurse. As far as relevancy, the Peds position is only relevant if you're going into Peds/Neonatal. Originally I wanted to go into L&D, and was told that my best bets were to either volunteer/tech or clerk on either L&D, which wasn't an option, or Postpartum, which was. I took PP and decided that OB wasn't for me. ;>) Ultimately, if you're looking for exposure and experience that is MOST relevant to OB, I vote for the first one. If it doesn't matter, do the one that sounds more fun to you. You'll have plenty of time to do nursing-relevant stuff when you're a nurse. :D

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