Best undergrad. major before BSN/MSN program?


Hello, I am currently a sophomore at Northeastern University and I want to apply to the ABSN after I finish my Undergraduate degree. For those of you who have been accepted to BSN/MSN programs after undergrad, which majors do you think look the best on applications? For example, I feel like if a school were to choose between someone who majored in design vs someone who majored in biology, then the school would choose the person who majored in Bio over the design major.

My question is, would it be better to major in Business Communications (B.A.) , Business Administration, or Psychology (B.S.)

Right now I'm leaning towards Psych, simply because it's a BS, rather than a BA.

What do you think? Does the undergrad major really make a difference?

(I am also completing all required prerequisites separately)

Thanks! :)

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I don't understand why you want to spend another 3 years of college (and all that money) getting a non-nursing degree if what you want to be is a nurse? Why not transfer into a nursing program now and save yourself all that time, energy, and money?

It all depends on what you want to be when you grow up. If you want to be a nurse, major in nursing -- not something else. If you want to do some other kind of work, choose a different major.

If there is some reason you can't become a nursing student now ... and must get another degree (though I cannot imagine what that reason would be) ... then there are 2 things you should take under consideration.

1. What type of nurse do you want to be? Do you want to become a nurse manager, administrator, etc.? If so, then choose the business route. If you want to be a psych nurse or go into some other nursing specialty that involves a lot of counseling, then choose psych. Other than that, no one degree is better than another. Some nurses shine in the physical sciences, others in the social sciences, others in the business end of things, others in the humanities, arts, etc. They can all be equally beneficial to a nursing career, depending on the type of career/specialty you decide to pursue. Go with your heart -- rather than trying to outsmart an admissions committee.

2. If the nursing thing doesn't work out for you ... which degree/career would you rather have? Business? Psych? Something else? If you pursue the path/timetable that you are currently on, it will take you at least 5 years (maybe more) to get that MSN. A lot can happen between now and then. So make sure your current major matches your "Plan B" career.

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I am a second degree nurse and I agree with llg completely in each point made. Do yourself a favor and change your major to nursing now if this is the path you choose. There is absolutely no benefit in completing one degree to immediately begin a second degree program. You are wasting your own time and money. You can get into any specialty in nursing with time and experience. Also, many new nursing grads are waiting significant time to find their first job. This may or may not happen with you, but if you have two degrees and a lot of debt, it's a really difficult position to be in without a job.

As for a first degree, if you must go this route, there is no best degree. My class was made up of people from all different educational backgrounds (business, psychology, biology, philosophy, exercise physiology, etc.). In my experience those who did the best had healthcare experience (CNA, paramedic, EMT, MA, etc.)

If you are that interested in a secondary field of study I would recommend minoring in psychology or business. I assure you that you will be thankful that you did not not waste time and money on a degree that you have no plan on using in a professional setting. Completing one degree will not make you more marketable either if that is your thought process. All ABSN students hold a prior degree so you will no advantage by simply completing a degree. These programs are designed for people who have worked in another field for a number of years and want to enter nursing. You should seriously reconsider your goals if you have three years left of school. Good luck!

If you're absolutely sure you want to be a nurse change majors now. If you can't at your current school, then transfer. ABSN programs are extremely expensive and once you have your first degree you can't get any aid for your second bachelors. You will save a lot of money and time switching now.