Best training ground for PICU wannabe


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Best training ground for PICU wannabe?

  1. 1. Best training ground for PICU wannabe?

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Look for PICU as well many hospitals will accept people with adult experience. Good Luck

Nepenthe Sea

Nepenthe Sea

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For what it's worth, I graduated almost 2 1/2 years ago, with my dream being to go into NICU or PICU after graduation (our local hospitals DO hire new grads). I was turned down for a PICU job and it seemed like NICU never had an opening when I needed a job so I took one in adult med-surg. Like you, it was one of the last things I wanted to do, and I never got "into" it. I cared for my patients the best I could and got good feedback from them and my peers, but my heart wasn't into it. I finally decided a month ago that I was ready to do something else so I applied for pedi and PICU at another hospital. I got the PICU job today, and with it, I will cross train in pedi, NICU, and newborn nursery. My new supervisor told me that she strongly feels that even if you want to be a pedi nurse, you really need a background in adult med surg first, and that is one reason she hired me. So hang in there and learn everything you can - it will NOT go to waste. I am SO EXCITED now about my new career path (I just had to take the scenic route to get there!). Good luck to you!