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Best route for future RN in Phoenix/Scottsdale area?

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Hello all! I am planning on moving out to Scottsdale Arizona from California in the fall with my boyfriend who had just gotten accepted into the Mayo Medical School in Scottsdale. ASU and other public schools are not only EXPENSIVE but also extremely difficult to transfer into the nursing programs. I have looked into Chamberlain as well as Carrington and as they may not be as difficult to get into, they can definitely up there in expenses.

Is Maricopa difficult to get into as a transfer student?

A little about me:

  • I am a health science major from a California State University
  • I have completed all my GE classes
  • Science classes done by this May: Bio +lab, Micro +lab, Anatomy & Phys I & II +labs (So no CHEM done)
  • My GPA is in the 3.1 range including my GE's
  • I don't care about getting my BSN or my RN license, just want to get in!!

I could take chem this spring if that will help me in the end, but i don't want to add that to my already big load if it wont make that BIG of a difference.

Are there any other programs that are easier to get into or less expensive in Arizona?

Anyone from Maricopa or Carrington feel that it is worth the expense?

ALSO, anyone from Maricopa feel that it would be too difficult for me to get into the program with my low GPA?


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I just graduated from a Maricopa Community College in December 2017, Gateway. It was a pretty good program. I would definitely recommend Maricopa. I passed NCLEX and applied to ASU's RN-BSN program and have already been accepted for a Fall 2018 start date. I also just started a new job as an RN. The 3.1 GPA is acceptable for Maricopa. I got in with a 3.6. I am not sure of the cut off. You will need your Chem though. Go online and check out their requirements. It may have changed recently. I put in my application in 2015.

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