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what is the best RN degree to apply for when already have a bachelors and masters in anoth

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I have a bachelors in psychology and a MSW with mental health concentration. I have been working in a hospital, mostly stationed in ED for the past 5 years. I want to pursue a nursing degree but I am unclear as to what to get into. So far I am working on my pre requisites. They school counselor at the nearest community college, says I should apply for a MSN, friends from work say I should either do the accelerated program at places like Samuel Merritt, or do an ADN. I must say I am not by any means an A student, but from my masters I have a almost 4.0 GPA, I sadly anticipate this might go down a bit with the pre requisite classes. I would like a program in northern California that is not as complicated to get into and that they prepare their students well with a good guidance. I would like to graduate soon but I also do not want to rush so much and risk failing because of this. Also, if I get the ADN, many people have told me that my masters would count and a BSN would not be required, if this true?

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ADN + Non-nursing master's = ADN

In nursing, hiring managers and HR directors do not care that much about your previous non-nursing degrees. An associate degree nurse with a previous non-nursing master's degree is an associate degree nurse for all intents and purposes.

Without a BSN degree, getting hired in northern CA might be challenging unless you are willing to work in home health or pediatric private duty.