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Hi everyone, I'm about to be a year out from my graduation and feel like I don't remember anything! :eek: :no: I have my RN license, no jobs, and will be shadowing soon. I need a good review book so I don't look like an idiot! Should I buy a Nursing for dummies book??? Please help!

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I like those "made incredibly easy" Springhouse books -- they're pretty good! I think I shy away from the idiot/dummy series because I don't want to feel like one, ha ha.


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I think I'll buy one of the incredibly easy books.


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i like the clinical handbook that comes with my nursing textbook( see title below).its small enough to bring anywhere and you could if necessary stick it in your includes all the major systems and sums up the text in an quick easy to read format no wordiness. you can look inside the book at

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here is the title:

41yimltssbl.jpg [color=#004b91]clinical companion to medical-surgical nursin...[color=#004b91](paperback)

by [color=#004b91]sharon l. lewis rn phd faan, [color=#004b91]shannon ruff dirksen rn phd