Best programs in Southern CA


Hi! New to the forum so apologies if this is not in the correct place!

As California nurses, what schools do you consider to be "the best"? i.e. best reputation, high percentage of new grads getting hired, and excellent clinical placements while in school.

For example, if you work at UCLA or Cedars, where are most of your new hires coming from? Are you pleased with their skills?

Hypothetically, if tuition fees and GPA were of no concern, where would you go to school? Would you have done it all over at a different institution or are you pleased with your alma mater?



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CSUs will provide you the best bang for the buck, as well as historically established clinical rotations/networking. My little birdie(s) from UCLA tells me that the performance from UCLA graduates are slightly lacking.

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Find the best school for you. I just finished a New Grad Program at a Dignity Health hospital (pays $10 more than UCLA or Cedars) and we have a mix of graduates from: Rio Hondo, Cerritos, West Coast, Mount St. Marys, LASC, LACC, PCC, and a few graduates from out of state Schools.

The opportunities that are meant for you, will be meant for you. You should be concerned more with proximity to your home, quality/safety of campus and affordability.

I hope you find what you are looking for and good luck in your program!