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Best Practices for Preparing for Nursing School


Hello Nursing World!

I've recently been accepted into NS that starts in May 2018. I'm extremely excited but also very nervous on this wonderful opportunity. I wanted to open up a new dialogue on how to prepare for nursing school? What are some best practices for preparation for NS from past NS students, current NS students and students preparing to start in their program. Please provide some insights on books, online sources, certain courses to revisit etc!

First of all congrats! That exciting news for sure. I am a current NS prepairing to graduate this December. Nursing school can be grueling at times, my best advice to you would be to enjoy your time before you start, buy all your materials. I.e. Books, stethoscope, sheers, penlight (one that connects to you badge is always nice to have incase you forget yours or the battery goes out.

Read the literature required by your instructor and READ AHEAD. After you get in the groove of thing you can determine your strong and weak points and buy supplemental books to fit what needs you best.

One of the best things I do for myself is lay out everything that I need the night before I need to be in class/clinicals. This assures that I will be on time with all materials needed.

Congrats and good luck

Congrats! I agree with above-enjoy your time off before you start school! My biggest piece of advice is to consider what studying methods work best for you! It took me about half of my degree to figure this out! Good luck! :)