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Hey, everyone. I'm going to be graduating next Spring (hopefully) and I'm trying to find places to where I may move. I live in Florida right now and I'm just ready to get out. My question is what are the best places in Oregon for a new grad to go? Any cities in particular that some of you had success in as a new nurse? Any particular hospitals that are known for hiring new graduates? Any nice neighborhoods? Any and all information would be helpful. Thanks!

Right now? Not much, but maybe by the time you're all finished the market will be back open.

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You could try southern Oregon, if you go to the BON website there is mapped out areas where there is considered to be a "nursing shortage". However in the Portland metro and surrounding areas it has been really hard for new grads to find jobs, most of the hospitals are on hirring freezes and there are 7 nursing schools in the area that are chunning out nurses.

I like you will hopfully graduate next spring and I am worried about being able to find a job in my area, I am not really able to move.

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