Best place to work for OB in Washington State?


I am an MSN student about to perform my preceptorship this summer, then sit for the NCLEX in September. I'm hoping to find a job in Labor & Delivery or NICU when I get my license. I keep hearing various good & bad things about working for the hospitals near Tacoma, WA that I'm interested in.

Is anyone willing to comment on what they feel is the best Tacoma-area hospital to work for as a nurse? I'm looking specifically at:

Multicare Hospitals: Good Samaritan in Puyallup, Tacoma General, or Auburn Medical Center Franciscan System: St. Joseph's in Tacoma, St. Clare's in Lakewood, or St. Francis in Federal Way.


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St Clare does not have a labor/delivery unit, so you can cross that off the list. I had good luck with the Franciscan System (St Joseph, St Francis) when I worked for them before. Enjoyed it, actually. Never worked at Tacoma General or in Puyallup, so can't speak for those. Heard good things about Auburn. BUT where to you live???? The commute to some of those places can be HELL if you are not close. Do take that into consideration. Good luck!!!!