Best place in OKC to start career?

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Hey all, I'm in the last semester of nursing school and trying to get some general feedback on where to apply for nurse residency. I'm really looking for a mid to high acuity ICU setting. I'm pretty familiar with most of the OKC hospitals, but I'm looking to hear pros and cons of different facilities if anyone is willing to share. Any recent grads with residency experience would be a huge help. Of course, if you're not comfortable posting publicly PMs would be great. Thanks in advance for all the help!


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I had one instructor mention the obvious that the VA has a Federal pension and a union.  Not sure if that equals a great place to have a career, but it definitely equals a decent retirement.  The only downside to the pension is all Federal employee's pension contributions were increased in 2012.  Anyone new pays a whole lot more for the same benefits.

I don't like being around people that badmouth their employers, but I have never heard anyone say this is the greatest place I've ever worked in the clinical rotations or given any facility their blessing.

I have heard that baptist took away any 401k contributions, but can't say for sure if that is true.  Maybe they increased the pay to equal it out?   

I do know that some travelling agencies were paying $3000 a week to work in OKC at the major Hospitals.  Probably need a year of experience or more, but that may be the path I take.