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Best place for a new grad in a rural area?

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by Loloberry Loloberry (Member)

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My husband is in the Navy and just got stationed at NAS Whidbey Island in Washington. I graduate in June and am starting to look more into job opportunities here. I am getting a little worried. As far as I can tell there aren't very many places to work. It is a pretty rural area. There are two dialysis clinics (Davita and a non-profit) which interests me a lot, but is not where I would like to start out as it is so specialized. There are two hospitals within half an hour of me, but one is a 35 bed and one is a 42 bed. Both are hiring "acute care" RN's which also seems a little scary (but exciting!) as a new RN. Do I know enough to care for anybody who comes through the door? My last option is a much larger hospital with lots of job listings on their website, but has an hour and a half commute one way. My only concern about this is getting enough sleep if I have to work two days in a row. Any advice from seasoned nurses on where would be the best place for a new grad RN?

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chorkle works as a Perpetual Student.

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First disclaimer--I am not a seasoned nurse.

Second disclaimer--my only experience in this area is discharge from active duty at Ft. Lewis, WA on a 35-degree day in

December, a day-long process, in steady rain. (Yes, I remember very much of this, all these many years later.)

Hmm, a rural area. Seems so close to SEA; perhaps that's the 1.5 hr. commute.

Of c, I'm an oddity; but if I had a 1.5 hr. commute, OW, (& worked 12's (I wouldn't do this, for 8's) ), I would find a layover of some sort--I'd guess there may be many options, in the SEA area--for overnights.

Where would be the best place for a new grad? Perhaps, in this context, you will hear from some number of SEA-area nurses.

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