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what is the best nursing program to go to without a waitlist in orlando florida?

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Hi, i am new to this site I have gotten great information when doing research about nursing in general. My goal is to become a neonatal nurse! I live in orlando florida. I have looked into schools such as keiser, concord and centura institute for nursing programs but their prices were 30,000-40,000 dollars everything incuded! Hearing that scared me. I need some guidance. I want to start working in the medical as soon as possible! I volunteer at two hospitals in the nursing unit and E.R. I love the hospital environment. Any suggestion? If anyone has had positive outcomes with any of these schools please let me know. thank you:)

Welcome Mandy, I am in Orlando as well, wrapping up my final prereqs this week. Join me in applying to Seminole State College's program for Spring 2013: deadline is in September. No waitlist unlike Valencia's which is 2 years long. Visit seminolestate.edu/nursing for more info and holler if you've got any more questions, I've read nearly all I can about SSC. :D