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Best nursing job for a returning to workforce mom

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Good for you for wanting to jump back in and put your nursing skills to use! I have only been a nurse for 3 1/2 years (career changer w/a family) and have recently made the switch from bedside nursing working fulltime night shift to school nursing. I will say that the pay is horrible compared to what I made at the hospital, but the hours are great and I really like working with keeping kids healthy vs trying to 'fix' the broken adult population. My only complaint is that you are really locked in to those 5 days a week, since you are the only RN around and getting subs can be tricky. Look at nursing jobs in your area on Indeed.com; there are plenty of listings in my area for nurses that have more normal hours than bedside nursing. You may want to look at home health (a lot of agencies claim they are flexible) or specify clinic jobs. Good luck in your search!

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