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need a little advise please.

can anyone share their experience(s) with schools in and around houston offering the lvn program? i've been out of school for a while (18 years) and am trying to find the best place to apply for the lvn program. graduated 74 out of 500 students with a 4.0 gpa. i know i could have done much better! unfortunately, i delayed going to college way too long and now it's a little scary trying to go back and take a college entrance exam. my main concern is the math, of course with a little (or a lot) of studying, i'm sure i'll be ok. did i mention my 4 lovely kiddos; i have to monitor their homework too. a nanny would be nice to help out with the 2yo, but i'm not a millionaire yet!

currently, i'm a cna and am trying to get a job at one of the hospitals with hopes of getting tuition reimbursement. i've heard some people leaving the state (ohio for example) to get their lvn and then coming back to houston. what's going on here? is it that difficult to get in? i imagined that i would be in and out in 1 year flat.

my questions:

best school for the price in and around houston?

best school out of houston 300 mile radius?

out of state suggestions with higher chance of getting in?

thanks for any input and suggestions.



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There are many LVN programs in the Houston area but know that many hospitals are phasing out LVNs and some are even paying for their LVNs to go back to school to get their RN. ( I work for one of the biggest, if not the largest hospital in TMC and they are doing this). While I would suggest you maybe look into getting your RN, especially since you already have an undergrad degree- you may be able to apply to an acclerated RN program after completing the other pre-req's. I know you mentioned you have 4 kids, I do also and work fulltime and go to nursing school full time. Like you math is not my best subject but I function for calculating medication dosages just fine so don't be scared of that aspect; most of the entrance math at it's highest is 9th grade math. Study percentages, fractions and ratios and you should be fine.

I wouldn't deter you from getting your LVN. There are still many jobs for LVNs particulary in the long care term facilities and some hospitals. I hadn't heard of anyone leaving Texas to get their LVN training though, that's strange. Some of the better LVN programs I would look into are Lone Star College, San Jacinto College, Alvin Community College and HCC but some may disagree. Good luck in your decision. HTH:redpinkhe


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thanks for the encouragement. it helps to know there are others who understand.

in my previous post, - "graduated 74 out of 500 students with a 4.0 gpa." that was high school. and i wish that i would have gone directly to college but my life took a different route. as a c n a, at least 5 years, i've worked primarily in home-health and long-term care facilities. currently, they are cutting back on hourly home health aids so there is little work. i didn't anticipate it would be this challenging to get into a hospital at this point though. what happened to all the jobs? i've put in applications at every hospital in town this past week and realized there are little pca positions. they all say, 'must have experience in hospital setting.' i'd like to get in to get the experience. you know what i mean. any advice for getting in to talk to a hiring manager would be greatly appreciated.

my mom is a pediatric lvn working in home health. unfortunately she lives and works in baytown, 50 miles from me and has never worked in a hospital in texas. my sister is a don in washington for over 30 years, but that doesn't help me here.

are you an lvn? where did you go to school? how do you manage? how do you work full time and go to school with the kids? i don't have any help (grandma, aunt, sister). my husbands work is slowing down so we are barely making it. it's putting a strain on the little ones when they have to go with him on jobs. at this point, i wish i had a relative in the hospital. sorry, here i am spilling my guts. it's frustrating... what would help is if i can get some concrete advice for my situation. what do you think?



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No problem :-) I'm all ears. I know how frustrating it is to have 50 million questions (not that you do but I did) and not a lot of people in my situation that could help. I go to Lone Star College in Kingwood. They have an evening RN program and only admit in the spring semester. I'm not going to lie to you. It's very hard, working fulltime, going to nursing school fulltime, being a mom of 4 kids under the age of 11 amongst other things but you do what has to be done to get somewhere- at least that's what I keep telling myself.

I'm not a LVN, a Medical Assistant by trade but now I work as a Staffing Coordinator. My youngest just turned 1 and when we began school this past January I had just had surgery in September, was still recouping and trucked on because I've waited so long. I was lucky when I graduated trade school for my Medical Assisting and got on a floor in a hospital working as a PCA. That was over ten years ago though.... last year, you could have probably got on in a hospital with your LTC experience, but the pickings are slim right now because of the economy. Some of our NA's came from LTC facilities, so I know this to be true. Our hospital is on a hiring freeze for almost every position.

What I have saw done from applicants though is to put your application in, find out the unit/department, call the operator and ask to be transferred to that particular department and then ask for the nurse manager. This works for some. Sounds icky but just be persistent. If you want to pursue your LVN, most schools have no pre-req's. You only have to take the entrance exam. Get a TASP study guide and study that to refresh yourself. You can always transition later for your RN if you choose to. Good luck with whatever decision you make and please post back if you have any other questions :-)

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I will be graduating August 4 from the LVN program at Kingwood College, Lonestar. I have completed all required pre-reqs for the ADN program, but instead of retaking pre-reqs and waiting to get in, I applied for both. Honestly, I wouldn't change a thing. I was very upset in the beginning, but now, I'm quite happy with it. I have no experience with any other LVN programs in the Houston area, but I will say that the professors at Kingwood become like your family. Your with them 5 days a week for a year about 7-8/hrs a day. There are a few pre-reqs required (I think English, Basic Anatomy and maybe one more, and of course the entrance exam.) I think the next application period for KC's LVN program is Spring of 2010 but other colleges may be doing application periods shortly for a January start. Kingwood has an August start and goes through the following August. I am very confident in my skills, knowledge base, scope of practice, and being a patient advocate, and I know most of that comes from having such caring and dedicated professors. Although I'm excited about graduation in a few short weeks, I'm sad about leaving my new family behind. They only accept between 30-35 students and they usually have about 300 applicants, so it's not a guarantee you'll get in. I have every intention of returning ASAP to finish my RN via their evening transition program, but I will never regret doing LVN first.

I'm a mom with 3 kids (10,6,4) a husband that works about 80 hours a week as a paramedic for a 911 service in the area, and quit my job because I couldn't hack it along with the studying. You will give up your life for a year. Just count on it, but there's sacrifices for anything worth doing right? Good luck!


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Thank you for allowing me to 'peek' into your experience. It sounds very similar to when my mom when to nursing school in Baytown over 15 years ago. If only I knew what I wanted back then, I had some idea but life took a different turn. Just got off the phone with an RN friend (actually my friends daughter who used to babysit for me). She's a new RN working at Texas Children's and was trying to get a contact for me. Her hiring manager said there is a hiring freeze right now and only hiring people, including nurses, with experience. No more training provided.

It makes me wonder if they'll continue with the huge sign on bonuses. Also, the Katy location due to open in 2010 and I want to be one the 600-800 staff members. I also wander if the project is still moving forward.

If I may ask permission to seek 'counseling'. It should be too difficult to get a C.N.A. job in a hospital. The way things are done now with regards to the applications process, it is so unfriendly. In the old days, I would call the president/CEO of the company and make an appointment to meet. During the interview, I would convince them to give me a tour, meet my future co-workers and just fit in as I had the job. Nowadays, I can barely get past the gatekeeper. To make things worse, you are told to 'go on our website and fill out our online app., and a recruiter will contact you if your qualifications meet our requirements.' I just cringe...

Does anyone have a story, suggestion to beat the crowd and bypass a lot of this?

Appreciate you all.

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