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So I plan on leaving my current job working in the fraud department of a bank. I figured that this is not going to help me at all in the future. I did, however, find a super awesome job as a Nursing Assistant in a Critical Care Unit. I have not applied yet, but want to know others opinions who are from North Dakota or are currently a nurse at a hospital in ND.

The schedule is:::

8hr and 12hr Days and Evenings during the week and every other weekend with rotating holidays with 32 hours.

Otherwise I did find another one at a local nursing home for 20 hours/week from 10pm-630am. (Usually CNA's are able to pick up extra hours, right???)

My question is this:::

If I were to get this position that requires 32 hours of working (I currently am working 5-9pm and every other weekend, five days a week). I am wondering is if the 32 hours would be better or worse on a nursing student. I want to be the best that I can be once I get into the workforce and I feel that with my current predicament that I will not be able to get there. My eventual goal is becoming a CRNA and I feel with the CCU as a nursing assistant will give me an advantage for when I start applying for jobs after I receive my ASN and pass the boards.

So after the background has been stated... will this help out in the long-run? Or will the 32 hours hurt me more than help me. I have a six year old son and a fiance that would help me.

Please help!!! :)

Last two terms, my lowest grade was an A- (in case that helps out at all).

Where are you moving to North Dakota from?


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Born and raised in Fargo. Just don't know any actual nurses other than my fellow classmates and some friends. I have one working as a CNA and the other worked with people who are developmentally disabled at Friendship, Inc.

Oh! You are already up there :) How many hours/days a week do you spend in class? Is the hospital you are looking at close to where you are living or is it more of a drive?


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The one for critical care is about two to three miles away. Not that far. All my classes this term are all online. Normally, it would be about four to 10 hours a week for class. I have clinicals starting in the fall. But homework is a different option altogether. The other one that is overnights is a CNA position at a nursing home that is about four blocks from where I live

I think if you are up to working 32 hours a week (plus your clinical rotation hours) I would take the CCU job. Having critical care experience as a tech will likely help you get hired once you have your RN. You'll be able to learn the hospitals charting system, policies, and network for future job opportunities while you are there. I'm not sure how anyone juggles working, being a wife and a mother...but if you think you are up for the 32 hours then I say go for it! :) Ps- I wish I had worked as a tech in school because looking for work as a new grad with no prior experience is really disheartening.

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