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I am going to be relocating to the Boston area in January. Will be taking a job through a travel agency I used to work for. I am able to ask them to look in to hospitals I want. So I need some insight from all of you on which hospitals are the best to work at in labor and delivery. I will be moving from NYC, and I currently work at a great community hospital in northen NJ which does 3,800 deliveries a year, in what I consider to be a birth center/family oriented unit. We have residents but they are not there for normal routine things so we have a lot of independence and total care of the patient. I am looking for a situation similar to this out in Massachusetts. Look forward to hearing from you!

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My friends swear by Beth Israel Deaconess for the teaching thing, although any number of those hospitals ( Newton Wellesley), Brigham and Womens, etc. would be great ....


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Brigham and Women's...did my practicum for my DE-MSN program there on the Labor & Delivery floor. Excellent.


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Mt. Auburn for sure! They are a busy Boston hospital and have a huge staff of nurse midwives. I believe they have the lowest c-section rate in the country. Lots of NCB going on there. If i could get in to their L&D floor it would be my dream job!

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I second Beth Israel-Deaconess-did my my clinical and synthesis there and thought it was fabulous. I can also recommend Newton-Wellesley from the patient side-had both my kids there and received great care.


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Have you looked into St. Vincent's in Worcester? They do about the same number of births annually and are very family-oriented. The birthing center leads out to a beautiful atrium with a waterfall and patients are able to walk around there for inductions, early labor, etc. I have had several family members give birth there and were all extremely satisfied with the nursing care. It's a good team and very organized.


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South shore hospital in Weymouth, ma serves most of the south shore. I had a great experience there and it felt like having the ammenities of Boston without the city. Worth checking out if you want to be 20 mins outside of the city.

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