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Best hospital in JAX (not paywise, experience)

by Jana1976 Jana1976 (New) New

Hello all,

I am a nursing student and will start clinicals in hospitals during the next semester. We could choose out of three locations: Memorial, OP Medical center, Flagler in SA.

I am from Czech Republic and have 5 years of experience as a nurse there, but I do the school pretty much all over here.

I would like to gain the best experience from my clinicals, to help me transit smoothly into the US system, so I was wondering if any of you have experience with these hospitals and which one would you recommend as No.1 to get the best experience.

We will be doing Adult Healt I, so the clinicals would be most likely med-surg.

I appreciate any advice.

Thnak you,


hlfpnt, BSN, RN

Specializes in LTAC, Homehealth, Hospice Case Manager.

Flagler is the best of the 3.

Never been to Flagler, but I had a great AH I experience at OP.

Hi Jana,I'm also from Czech republic-living in UK at the moment-I'm also thinking about studying all over in US as it is such a pain to get in there otherwise(I've got over 3 years experience in Prague hospital and over six years experience in the UK as a theatre nurse),despite of all this I'm willing to study again,would you let me know how much it is to study and how long do you study(heard it's 18 months????)