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I am currently work at an ER in NYC. Have for several years. I have worked in several . NYC emergency rooms as a whole are very high volume and are very abused by the homeless population . Depending on where you are in the city and what shift you work you deal with a lot of drunk people. I mean a LOT. In NYC, there is no real nurse to pt ratio, most of the ED's are falling apart, lacking modern supplies, privacy, cleanliness etc. Some are more aesthetically pleasing than others, but each has its own share of problems. Working in an urban ER , especially in NYC is MUCH MUCH different than working at a little ER in the burbs somewhere.


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It may behoove you to take a travel position first.....before you commit to a NYC ER and hate it. A contract is only 13 weeks. IF you hate it never have to go back. But hospitals tend to get ****** off when they spend all this time and money to orient someone and then then cannot handle it and quit.


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That would be ideal, but I don't think they'd let me travel there without any level-1 trauma experience. I know I can handle it, I never pictured myself working in an ER, but I'm feeling more competent every month, now that I'm 2 years in. I still definitely want to do travelling at some point, but I think I need a couple of years in the toughest of places before I'm ready to jump in anywhere.

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