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Hi Everyone, just wanted to talk about what CPNRE resources and study materials you may want to use to prepare for the CPNRE. In order to figure out what materials and resources to use you need to think about what you already know about the exam.

So how should you determine what materials to use for the CPNRE? Let's think about what we know about the CPNRE. This will help guide you in what materials to use for your CPNRE preparation.

Here is what we know about the new CPNRE. The FACTS are:

  • It is computer-based.
  • It is multiple-choice.
  • It is competency-based.
  • It is administered by Canadian Regulatory Authorities.
  • It is written by ASI.
  • It is delivered by Pearson Vue.
  • It is based on the nursing process framework.
  • It is not NCLEX-PN.
  • It is a Practical Nurse Exam.

1. It is computer-based.

  • So you want to research test-taking strategies for multiple-choice computer-based exams. Alot of the test-taking strategies for pencil and paper MCQ exams can be adapted to the computer-based exam.
  • Do the demo training and read the demo guide once it is available (ASI)
  • Watch CNO Demo Training Video for Applicants (CNO website or YouTube)

2. It is multiple-choice.

  • You want to research common mistakes made with multiple-choice questions and test-taking strategies for multiple-choice based exams. There is all kinds of stuff on the Internet that you can use.
  • There is a section in the current prep guide that has some test-taking strategies for exam questions as well as common mistakes to avoid.

3. It is competency-based.

  • You want to download and read the CPNRE Blueprint 2012 - 2016.

  • You want to study and make sure you understand every single CPNRE Exam Competencies in Appendix A at the back of the Prep Guide.

For exam each competency category:

Professional, Ethical, Legal Competencies

  • Read and review the practice standards and guidelines from your regulatory authority.
  • Do the CNO Interactive Learning Modules and the quiz at the end of each module.
  • Download and review the code of ethics for practical nurses found in the resources on the Canadian Council of PN Regulators Website.

Foundation of Practice Competencies

  • Look up topics in current Canadian nursing textbooks ie Anatomy and Physiology, Pathophysiology, Potter and Perry Clinical Skills, Medical-Surgical, Fundamentals of Nursing
  • Look at the back of the current edition of the prep guide for a list of the books (bibiliography) used do develop the questions to give you an idea of the books used
  • Your can borrow books from your local library to cut your cost down or rent them online which is cheaper than buying them.

Collaborative Practice Competencies

  • Review the practice standards and guidelines from your regulatory authority.
  • Do the CNO Learning Modules.
  • Review the code of ethics for practical nurses (Canadian Council of PN Regulators).

4. It is administered by Canadian Regulatory Authorities.

  • Download and review any pertinent CPNRE documents from your regulatory authority's website.
  • Check out any study resources that are recommended or suggested by your regulatory authority.
  • Go through the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on their website.

5. It is written by ASI.

  • Buy or borrow a copy of the current edition of the CPNRE Prep Guide.
  • Do the CPNRE Predictor Test if you think you need it.
  • Download and review the CPNRE Scheduling Guide.
  • Do the Practice Demo Training and and read the Demo Guide once it is available to you.

6. It is delivered by Pearson Vue.

  • Visit their website for CPNRE scheduling guidelines, information and details.

7. It is based on the nursing process.

  • Every question on the CPNRE is testing your understanding of some aspect of the nursing process.
  • You want to familiarize yourself with the steps of the nursing process.
  • If you study the rationales at the end of the prep guide you will notice that Foundation of Practice questions are broken down according to the steps of the nursing process - Assessment, Planning, Intervention and Evaluation. It is the same on the CPNRE.
  • So when reviewing topics in med-surg you want to think what would the PN assess, plan, implement and evaluate.


8. It is NOT NCLEX-PN.

  • Be careful using alot of NCLEX-based study resources and materials such as Saunders, Mosby's, Lippincott, FD Davis etc to write a Canadian-based exam.
  • You really have to know how to use NCLEX-based materials when studying for the CPNRE.
  • NCLEX-based materials are okay for content review. But NCLEX questions are different from CPNRE questions. Just my thoughts.

9. It is a Practical Nurse Exam.

  • Another caution be careful of using RN Exam preparation materials and study resources.
  • RNs and RPNs have different scopes of practices and hence the questions reflect the different scopes.
  • You need to be careful not to answer PN questions with RN thinking or approach.
  • So really make sure you understand the scope of practice and the differences between the two categories of nurses.
  • Check on your regulatory authority website for the scope of practice of the PN and the Profile of the PN.

Hope this helps. :)


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Hi thank you, this is really helpful!!

I am also thinking about using NCLEX materials first to pick up all the medical knowledge at first. And you mention that the CPNRE is different from NCLEX. what is the difference? could you give me some examples? since there is very few question-bank like resources of CPNRE (only prep guide), and I want to practice more questions I cannot just use the prep guide. the guide is good but question bank is not large as other publishers NCLEX books.

Could you let me know where you practiced questions when you prepare your CPNRE? do you know any other question bank of CPNRE which I can use?

than k you so much


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Hi, Thanks for sharing this information.

I just applied for CPNRE exam and need some guidance regarding it: from where should I start, what material should I choose( books).

Please help me in this.


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Mosby comprehensive review for canadian PN exams is a good book to start. Moreover go for saunder edition 7 review. I found Prep guides and predictor tests also useful good luck.when are u giving exams.

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