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Best care trainning institute


hi everyone i am new to this forum, i m taking the entrance test at best care institute in jersey next week and i wanna know know more about this school

is it a good school, the entrance test is easy or hard ? how many part ? and how long is the test ? do they have financial aid ? is it easy to get in to this school please help me...

also i live in new york do you guys know a lpn with a easy entrance test around ny million thank you

akanini, MSN, RN

Has 13 years experience.

What part of NY do you live in? Veeb is testing right now. 516-572-1704. By the way, I don't think any nursing exam is "EASY".

RUN!!!!!!!!! Best Care is the worst! If you are on the first level, leave now because it only gets worst there. Take that lost with you money because You will pay for things that was not spelled out in the beginning. If they tell you it is a year long program, they are lying. The director decides when to let you graduate. You can be there for 15-24 months or even longer. There is no structure or professionalism with that school.

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