Best and best paying hospitals in South Florida- Sarasota or Fort Lauderdale area?

U.S.A. Florida



I am experienced RN, general med-surg, inpatient rehab, LTAC etc, no ICU, PACU, ER

Moving to Florida from US Midwest, originally from Europe, living in US 20 years.. Considering Sarasota, maybe Fort Lauderdale area. I wouldn't agree to anything less as over $30-something/hr Just curios about best and best paying hospitals in Florida, mainly South Florida. Any ideas?

Specializes in Oncology/Haemetology/HIV.

How many years of RN experience? Are you going to want benefits? Do you speak fluent Spanish?

Most hospitals in FL pay poorly. There is also no shortage there. Pay rates are better in Ft. Lauderdale, but cost of living is much higher.


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15 years as a nurse No Spanish, almost none..yes to benefits

I have some offers with my pay rate from a hospital chain I used to work for. It is in Fort Lauderdale.

There are open position, tho, in Sarasota, too, a lot. My curiosity just was what they pay. Not guessing but question to Florida nurses, only current Florida nurses. Thanks.

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