Best Areas for Preceptorship ???


I am in my RN year and we are going to be asked soon to pick 5 areas that we would like for preceptorship. Here is my thinking, but I would like any advice.

I do not have much clinical time as I have been in school fullt time and will not give up the necc time raising my son to work also. Even though this is the case, I would really like to try ER, fully expecting my hair to catch fire.

In the idea of most learning, I have guessed that my next choices might be ICU, Stepdown and then MedSurg, in that order. Please give me any of your opinions and other areas that might help my learning curve. I love surgery, but think that it would not be the ideal place for my needed learning at this time. I guess that I consider the next couple of years on the job as just more needed school when I should build a foundation, even though I know that in this profession, you are always learning. Thank You, Doug


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ICU and emergency room could be a good start. This is where you do deep critical thinking. I will be doing preceptorship next month and I am praying to be at one of these areas.

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