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I am looking into starting a FNP program in the very near future. I am looking for a good, affordable online/distance learning program with little to no campus visits. I was primarily looking at Frontier Nursing University, but I was recently declined for Fall admission. My second choice is University of Southern Alabama. I am planning on applying there for Spring or FNU again for Summer Term. Are there any other schools that I should be looking into?

For background information, I completed my ADN from Kaplan College with roughly a 2.5 and my BSN with Western Governor's University with a 3.0 (the same as all graduates). I have 5 years experience as a nurse: just under a year in home health, almost a year and a half in LTAC, one year in Detox, and almost two years in Acute Adult Psych. I live in Eastern Washington.

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Hi Cindy,

I got waitlisted at FNU for this Fall. I'm hoping to get in for the Winter. Just in case I have applied to other schools one is University of South Alabama, it's an affordable online school with about two campus visits for the FNP program.

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I would also check out University of Cincinnati, they offer an FNP program that is completely online. Cost is about 38k.

Check them out.

Good luck

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