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hello. i am currently a bsn student and am sitting for the nclex-pn this summer so that i can make some money while finishing up school. does anyone know some good agencies out there. an dby good i mean highest paying. TEN-Q

Sorry, but they require at least one year of experience as an LPN before you will be able to get a job working agency. You are expected to be able to go to a facility and be able to function 100% on your own right away. If you do find an agency that will hire you without the experience, run as fast as you can from them, because it means that they do not care one bit about your license. You have worked too hard to get this far, don't lose your lciense because you were inpatient.

Hi! Ive already passed my NCLEX and I am looking for a reputable agency that would help me file my papers. The only problem I have is I still do not have a working experience. Will they require this? or should I sign a contract now then just work while waiting for their response..What agency here in the Phil. is the fastest and efficient? pls help..

Thank you so much..

You should definitely try Maxim out, I have a friend in NY who swears by the, and I use them up where I am. Give it a try!

Hello. I'm an RN from the Philippines and I have just been offered a job by US agencies: Global health Care Group & Universal Staffing Solutions Inc. Does anyone here familiar with these agencies? I'm having a dilemma on which agency should I sign contract with. Please advise on things to consider before I sign a contract.

Thanks so much. Mabuhay to all nurses around the globe!

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