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Mmmm... I was wondering...What kind of benefits any of you receive, such as vacations, sick leave, retirement, etc.? I know questions have been asked on salaries, but I am curious about benefits as well.

Thank you


Hi nursesrthebest. Over the span of my career, I've received all my days off combined into ETO or PTO days, or I've received them in separate categories of vacation, sick time, and funeral leave. I've always been able to get tuition reimbursement and reimbursement for continuing education seminars and certifications accepted by my employers. I've always been able to get comprehensive group medical insurance. Since 401K plans have grown over the last decade, my employer has been offering that, probably as an antidote to giving a decent pension. I've gotten a paid day off for my birthday before. I've also had some measure of short and long term disability. My employer has an arrangment with a local credit union, so I have benefits from that. I had one employer that had contracted for Employee Assistance Program services. What's new for me is the family medical leave act since it was written into law in the last several years. I've not yet had the occasion to use it, but I'm excited about it being there although it's a nonpaid leave.

I have health,dental,vision, life insurance vaction,holiday pay. pre paid legal,funeral leave tuition reimbursment and access to scholarships. I am in home care

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