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Hi everyone! I want to ask something because I have, sort of, some dilemma. I am a Filipino nurse, single at the moment but will be married this year. However, I intend to apply in Canada and I will need to undergo assessment first by the Registering Authority. In this regard, I am hesitant to make a move until such time that my civil status is changed.

Will it matter if I applied with a single status and with my maiden name in one of the Board of Nursing then my status will be "married" (with a different surname, of course) for the working permit and the visa? I want to include my fiance' in my application so we can leave at the same time if possible.

Please give me some advice. I want to start my application as soon as possible, however my plan of getting married is, somehow, getting me worried because at the other side of my mind it will delay any application I will have.:sniff:

someone once told me that since canada has a point-based system for visa application, a married person will have higher points than single applicant because the spouse is considered as skilled partner...

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Doesn't matter if you start the application now with the college in your maiden name. All you need to do is once you are married is inform them. Going as a skilled worker and starting off un married and then getting married will not should not affect your application. The main thing if you submit a application to immigration/embassy is include your fiancée if you are not already married although I would say wait before sending in application for immigration but start the college process. (just my opinion)

I would suggest a good read on the CIC website


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Thank you. You've been so helpful in providing info and advice. :lvan:

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