Being in the Pool?


I have a silly question. I am trying to decide between two different positions and one is OB at a small hospital just down the road from my house that doesn't have a lot of action. The other is an hour away at a teaching hospital, is float pool with cross-training between Labor & Delivery and Mother/Baby. My question is what exactly is pool? Do they just call you whenever they need someone or is it a scheduled thing? :confused:

At our hospital we have a pool as well. The people who work in it float all over the hospital. Granted some only work the ICUs, some only work the Med/Surg floors, depends on the persons experience. Also, keeping in mind that I work in a teaching hospital so the Med/Surg floors are "specialty" floors as well.

We have 2 groups of pool nurses. One is full time benefited, and they work 3 12's at least and follow a schedule. The other is prn pool non benefited, and they can be cancelled at anytime. They all sign up on the units they want to work on for extra shifts etc. The full timers have a schedule a month ahead of time that shows where they will be working.

The prn pool people are called at anytime to see if they are available, or some of them call the charge nurses and ask if they need someone to work the next shift.

Does that help??

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