Being A Mom In CRNA School

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Being A Mom In CRNA School

Are there any CRNA/SRNA moms that had/have young children while going through anesthesia school? If so, can you shed some light on how you managed and balanced everything?

I really want to become a CRNA, but am so nervous about how realistic it is for me to do this. I have a supportive spouse, however, his job is very demanding and he usually works 50-60 hours a week.

What is the typical schedule like for didactic vs clinical?

Were you able to do drop off or pickup for daycare?

Were you home for dinner most nights?

How much of your kids life did you miss out on during the years you were in school?

Do you have any regrets?

Mom guilt is hitting me hard. Thanks for any input.

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 Plenty of parents with young children have gone through a CRNA program. The demands of the program are high and it will inevitably impact the time you have with them. You will be 'working' 50 to 60 hours a week, and your clinical days will start at 0600-sometimes earlier. 

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Thank you. I figured. Trying to plan for how much/when I will be able to help my husband with the kids vs how much help I need to plan for as far as getting them where they need to go. I'm sure the didactic schedule is very program dependent.

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Having a good support system is paramount. Do you have any family nearby? I have been able to manage during the week because of all the support from my husband (who also works full time) and my family. If you are living near the school, depending on the program, it is definitely feasible to drop off and pick up your kids. However, you will not be able to during clinicals. If you can make arrangements for your kid's daycare during clinicals I would say it's totally doable. It's exhausting because both school and kids will demand a lot of your time. You'll find there is significantly less QT with the husband but if he is supportive he will understand. You will definitely be spread thin sometimes but with good support, you can 100% do it! 

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