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Before the nursing program

Hello everyone! I am currently pursuing a nursing degree at el centro . I have about of year of pre req,support courses to go . I still have not attempted the Hesi but plan to next year 2018 . My question is if I plan to apply in Fall 2018 or spring 2019 just depends how everything unfolds is it to early for me to set up my sentry and upload items. How soon should i schedule the Hesi? How soon should i do cpr?

Am I doing ok now by trying to these things now ?

Any advice is welcome!!!Thanks in advance

Oh,yeah do you know how low is the cutoff on points if apply in Fall 2018 i may have 33

Thanks in advance

I think all those questions should be answered/addressed by a rep at the RN school you wish to apply to. I know that many RN schools expect their applicants to have completed all/most of the pre-reqs by the time they apply. Also, HESI, or any other entrance exam, should be taken prior to the application. My advice to you is before you take HESI, make sure you have completed all of your sciences. HESI has a lot of science in it. Another thing about HESI, or any other entrance exam, many schools (from what I heard and personally researched) administer their own HESI on campus, and, usually, done only once in application cycle. Finally, many schools have their own criteria as to what their HESI cut off score is, how they view each subtest component and if they look at critical thinking at all. The best thing you can do is call up the school/s and ask all those specific questions that you have. You are good to think ahead and plan accordingly.

Thanks for a response. I will take your advice and schedule to see my advisor .


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