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Hi, I am currently a bedside nurse..been a nurse coming up on 3 years..and I really want to leave bedside. Something I am interested in would be nurse auditor or possibly coder.

For those in that area I have a couple questions:

1. What specialty certifications/coding certifications do you have for your position/which do you recommend? I have seen a variety of suggestions/requirements listed on job postings and I am a little confused.

2. Is adult/med-surg experience kind of a requirement for these positions? My experience is in peds and NICU.

3. If you started doing bedside, how did you make the transition/get your first position as auditor/coder/etc? A lot of postings I saw required a few years of medical auditing experience.

I would really appreciate any info/advice. All posts I have come across are several years old and not very specific. Also if there are any good resources with information that would be great. Thanks!



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I have not been on here in a long time, but I thought I would answer your questions, as I was in your footsteps a few years ago...

1. Typically, these auditing positions prefer two credential - RN and CCS (through AHIMA). The CCS is the preferred coding credential to have as an RN as its main focus is inpatient coding.

2. These positions prefer ICU experience, however your NICU experience would be just as good. The objective of this requirement is that you 'know' what the presentation of patients who are truly septic, in respiratory failure, shock, etc.

3. For me, I was an ICU nurse looking for a different challenge. A clinical documentation improvement (CDI) position opened up. After getting a brief introduction by a consultant I had to develop and implement the CDI program. I was then able to go back to school and get my CCS and ultimately land one of these positions.

The difficulty with getting these type of jobs (most are remote based working from home) is the experience requirement. I would recommend going for a lateral transfer at your hospital - ask the HIM/HR department for any coding/CDI positions. You can then leverage that experience to either get your CCS and/or apply for these remote based auditing positions.

Good luck.

Please feel free to message me with any questions.




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Thank you very much for responding, that was very helpful! The CDI positions area great suggestion that I will definitely look into. I appreciate it!