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bedside kardex

Has 29 years experience. Specializes in NICU.

I have been a NICU nurse for 28 years and have seen many changes...our hospital has gone to a new computer system which is mostly a pain in the you know what. With the old system a care plan of sorts would print out but with the new system the print out is pretty worthless. We also have to fill out an SBAR sheet each shift. HORRIBLE is all I can say. Waste of paper, waste of time. We have been talking and have decided that we want to develop a "bedside Kardex" for shift report etc. For us old timers.....we know they work!!!! Any samples , info would be greatly appreciated:yeah:


Specializes in NICU.

Our Cardex is used in addition to our computer charting system used.

It's 8x10, we start it at the day of admission and it stays with baby until d/c.

For the chronic babes, we sometimes end up with 3+ "drafts" of them.

At the top we have the basic info: Name, D.O.B, T.O.B, Gestational Age at birth, corrected age. Weight, Head Circ, Length at birth, working weight, apgars...any other basic info that doesn't change much.

Date for isolette change...

New born screen...

Then, we have a few "boxes"...

ordered labs, procedures, feeding orders

PICC line info (day in, out, length, placement)

Diagnosis (if more than preemie)

A box for "history" if baby develops NEC

Dates for projected/ordered eye exams, HUS, other US, x-rays...

Social information, emergency contact (for parents if they can't be reached)....

and so on...



Has 29 years experience. Specializes in NICU.

thanks for responding! Is there any way you could "snail mail" me a sample?:rolleyes:

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