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Hi everyone,

I've seen multiple threads on here about leaving bedside nursing and am unfortunately feeling that way myself now. I have been a nurse for 4 years now and mostly worked med surg/stepdown units. I did the travel nurse gig for about 2 years and have decided to go back to get my MSN this fall to eventually get out of bedside. However, I recently started a job in the area as a Float RN for a small hospital. My first day on the floor was this past week taking care of patients with a preceptor (while I'm in training) and I think it finally hit me how burnout I am with working at the bedside. I'm trying to stay positive but I literally dread going into work every day. Like right now, I have no passion to even go into work today. Is there any advice anyone could give me about finding a job that is not at bedside? Is it possible to work from home as a nurse? I never thought burn out could be this bad but I definitely feel it. And I don't want to do it anymore if I'm not passionate about my job.

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Sounds like my story! I have 6 years of experience, hospice (love) med/surg, and PCU and worked 1.5 years as a travel nurse. I had a travel assignment get cancelled halfway through due to low census and I was so relieved because I realized how burnt out I was. I came across an amazing opportunity working from home with a company called Accordant, under CVS. Look it up. They require 5 years of experience, but you're almost there. And even though I'm not providing hands on care anymore, I feel like I utilize my nursing skills even more. I literally educate all day.

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I think the common thread here is PCU. Do they work you like a dog like they do us ? Ratio of 5 to 7? Too bad they didn't tell us these things in school!

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