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Bed Pan Skill New York???


Hi guys! I'm so confused about the placing of the bed pan. When bringing over the covered bed pan to the resident while placing the chuck under the resident; where do I sit the bedpan?? Also how many chucks do I need in total?

Thank you so much

i'm not sure what a Chuck is? We just put the bed pan under the resident? After we remove it we dump it and rinse...?

A chuck is a pad for the bed to keep fluids from getting on the linen. My question was what do you do with the bed pan while changing the bed pad? You have to gather all supplies before hand. I believe it's unacceptable to put a bed pan on a food table, even with a barrier.

But thanks for responding. Took my skills test and passed! Didn't get "bed pan" I believe you place it at the foot of the the bed wrapped in a chuck.

Thanks again


Has 5 years experience.

Since you passed your skills test, I wouldn't worry too much about putting a 'chuck' under a bedpan. It is fine to be technical. But you probably will not have too much time to do it anyway.

good! we didn't learn that in our class as we didn't have a "chuck" we just put the bed pan under walked out walked back in and removed it and took it to dump and rinse ...we never put it on the food stand

I get what you guys are saying. We had to change or put on a new bed pad before putting the pan under the resident. So happy I passed! Thanks guys!