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Hey everyone! I'm a nursing student but I work as a float PCT at my hospital while in school. I had a patient tonight who got transferred duringmy shift, but when EVS came to clean her now empty room they found one dead bed bug. While in my care, I took her vital signs, assisted with bed pan, and had to do a total bed change. I didn't know until a few hours after that she had bed bugs. Now I'm completely paranoid, I threw out my scrubs and jacket I was wearing and put on the oh so fashionable OR scrubs. What do I need to do as far as making sure I do not bring these home with me? I'm absolutely paranoid and terrified when it comes to insects; I can literally deal with everything else but this. I haven't stopped itching ever since I found out. Please help!!!

Probably put them in a double bag trash bag. Throw them in the dryer high on hear before washing.

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