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Becoming a nurse....LPN first???


I am wanting to change careers as I am in a dead end job and want go into the field of nursing. I have a full time day job, limited financial resourses. A sophomore in high school and a sophomore in college. Currently going through separation leading to divorce.

Should I become an LPN first, hopefully get a job with tuition reimbursement and go on to become an RN or ?higher?

Are there accredited online or night courses that are well respected near Topeka or Lawrence? I could drive to Kansas City.

I need some guidance and help if someone would be so kind.


The Britishbroad

Welcome to the board britishbroad. Sounds like you have a bunch on your plate right now!! I think you need to decide what sort of time committment you can make, check out the local schools and go from there. You could possibly get started on some of the pre-reqs before biting off the whole enchalada. Good luck and keep us posted. PS - I'm in Kansas too. :)

thanks shamrock....time commitments.......I can commit almost every night and weekend to a fulfilling career I just need direction in how to start, where to go, who to talk to, schools available, etc.........can anyone help????

Check with the KSBN. They have a list of accredited schools, actually that info is online. If I were you I would say get your ADN. The cost may be a bit more, but you will def. see the diff. in pay as well as opportunities. I know there are MANY online programs emerging, Washburn has a good program, but $$$. Do a search for ADN programs, you can always get your BSN later in an accelerated program that will allow you to work as an RN while doing so.

Just my .02

Thanks for your help. It appears to be a long road ahead of me. And rather confusing for someone not in the field. I appreciate your two cents!!! I need all the help I can get. Hoping to start this summer.


I think it would be a great idea to become a LPN first. I did it and it worked well for me time wise. If you aren't positive that nursing is for you, you would't be investing as much time and money as you would if you went straight for your RN. another good idea may be to get your CNA and work while getting your LPN to give yourself a better idea of what nursing is about. Good Luck!!!:)

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