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I will be graduating in 7 months from an accelerated BSN program in Denver, Colorado. My partner is about to start an internal medicine residency in Portland, Oregon. Upon graduation, I would like to move to Portland, and take the NCLEX in Oregon. However, I have found that new grad RN programs in Portland are extremely competitive. I am interested in critical care, however, I believe in the value of working in any environment as a new graduate nurse, whether that be in the ICU, a med/surg floor, or a step down unit.

As the new grad programs are so competitive, I would like to do everything I can to make my self a competitive applicant, knowing full-well that there is a good chance I will need to expand my search to outside of the city.

Is there anything that I can do while in nursing school to make my self more competitive? I have a Phlebotomy certification, have 8 months of experience volunteering on a med/surg floor, and have shadowed an ED physician. All I can think of right now is volunteering in the ICU or ED and getting my ACLS prior to graduation.

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One suggestion that isn't included in your post is to look outside of the hospital setting, which you don't appear to be doing based on the units you mentioned.

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