Becoming A Nurse

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I use to work as A Home Health Aide,then as

a Home Health Aide Coordinator in Home Care

and Hospice!I really enjoyed the work!

And I would love to become a NURSE someday.

I have 3 children at home,I would like to

hear from other Nurses who've had a family at home and became a NURSE!

Any responses would be appereciated!




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Hi Michele. I'm also a mother of 3, and in my 4th quarter of nursing school. I work part time as a nurses aide at a hospital near my home as well. It has been stressful on me and my family, but time has passed quickly, and now I am over half way finished. You CAN do it, you will be exhausted and sometimes feel like you will never graduate, but it CAN be done!!! I love it, and I feel that starting school after I already had a family has put me at an advantage in ways. I am more dedicated than I ever would have been 10 years ago straight out of highschool. Good-luck to you, where there's a will there's a way!!!! Hayley



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I'm Tammy, and mother of 4 daughters, ages 13, 11, 10, and 7. My youngest was 3 years old when I started college. And now I'm starting my senior year in 2 more weeks. Graduating May '07!!! It's hard to be able to work schedules out from time to time. I've got to have a lot of help from my husband, as well as my oldest babysitting from time to time. But with all the loving support of my husband and children, I've been able to make my dream of becoming a nurse a reality. I'm 34 years old, and have a lot more life experience under my belt in comparison to some of my classmates, so I have a little bit of an advantage in that sense. I started off a little slow with school by starting my general education courses at the community college. Then I transferred into the local University into their nursing program and nearing the end of getting my bachelor's. I'm proud of myself for managing it all, and I know I've given my daughters a reason to be proud of me as well. What a great role model we can set for our let them see that we have a dream and can set out to make it real!! Just remember, it's all of a bit of a juggling act, but it is possible, and the pay off will be great! Good luck and follow your dream!!!

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I have 4 kids and I am almost done with nursing school. At the beginning I didn't think it was possible but I have made it through. There have been some hectic days, but people are very helpful when they know you are in a bind. I say follow your heart and you will achieve your dreams. There are many parents in my program.



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I don't have any kids, but I admire people who can make it through school with so many other obligations! It is possible if you really want it! Good luck!

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