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I've been super interested in nursing school for a while and have been following this websites and the really helpful conversations on it. I'm in the process of getting my prerequisite courses at SFU right now, as a 3rd year student. Timing-wise, I will be able to apply to BCIT this fall, for the 2019 fall intake. I'm also going to apply to UBC and UFV. To anyone who is also applying, feel free to add to this thread! I know it's a bit early, but admissions are a super anxious time, and I wanted to get the ball rolling early :)

Hello alymoconnor,

I am currently a second year Langara student and I will be applying for the BCIT and UBC program as well! I am getting quite anxious for applications since most programs require an supplement application. I have heard that BCIT in particular, values life and work experience.

I have begun volunteering at a hospital in March. I found that I am younger than most applicants, so I do not have extraordinary life experiences to share. This may be a pure assumption, but I have been told that those who already have a bachelors in another field will have higher priority than those applying with the minimum requirements. My GPA is at 3.0 at the moment, but I plan on repeating two classes to give it a boost.

How does your resume and GPA look like?

Hello! I am currently waiting to hear back from UFV for January 2019, if it falls through I'll be applying to BCIT shortly. I am also a younger applicant (I'm 18) and have come out of my pre-requisites and other courses with a 3.90 GPA. I have hundreds of non-health care related volunteer and work experience, mostly with children and about 120 hours of volunteer experience in a hospital. I too have heard that those applying with a bachelors degree generally have a higher priority, but I hope my grades make up for having less courses. I have my eye on a few different nursing programs, but BCIT is definitely at the top of my list. One of nurses I aspire to become is a BCIT grad and she absolutely raves about her experience through BCIT :)

Hey I am also applying for the Fall 2019 intake, I am super nervous because I dont have alot of credits, when applying im going to have 31 credits my grades are

Anatomy & Physiology: A+

Psychology: A+

English A+

My general education is A- & A+

I have over 250 volunteer hours volunteering at the hospital and a surgery centre, I also am a first aid attendant on commercial construction sites for the past 3 years I dont have any real health care related work experience so I am so nervous about that!

on bcit it says my total GPA is 88%

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