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I'm excited yet overly anxious during my application process towards BCIT's nursing intake for JAN 2023. I've spoken to the program advisor over there (Janice) and she hasn't given me the assurance regarding my chances of getting in.

I am currently working as a medical lab assistant (5 years) and had at least a 30+hr of volunteer experience at a rehabilitation pool for disability patients. My grades currently at BCIT, are at a range of a B to an A+ with a 3.3 GPA (taking one more course to boost it), but unfortunately my GPA at VCC is at a 2.8. I'm standing around 55-60 credits. I've booked my casper test in July. 

When BCIT takes your GPA, do they combine the GPA from your previous post-secondary to BCIT's?

Is my GPA from VCC going to cause a huge impact on my application? I'm so over burnt out and anxious about this :(


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I am actually wondering the same thing about GPA and whether they combine them as I have taken courses at multiple schools. I also have a M.Sc degree so I am wondering if they consider that GPA? The prereq. courses I took a long time ago and they are my lowest scores even though my GPA is decent. Do they also look at the prereq. course GPA separately or only that you have those classes and then your overall GPA?