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I'm looking to enroll in BCIT's condensed A&P course BHSC 1200 and wanted to hear others experiences. I'm a bit nervous since it is a heavy course. How were the instructors? And would you recommend it? Any helpful tips are welcomed. Thanks


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I took the course in 2016, and I loved it! It is a VERY heavy course since it is condensed, but it's definitely possible to do well if you put in the time and effort!

My professor was **g, and she was, by far, the best professor I've ever had. She's extremely relatable, and she teaches the material in a simpler and understandable manner. She uses a lot of analogies to help you understand.

My favourite part of the course was that they actually make you apply your knowledge and expect you to use your critical thinking skills. During every lab, they would do a case study where they present ex. symptoms of a flu. In this scenerio, you're expected to list out the things you're supposed to do to help with the symptoms, and use your critical thinking skills on the physiology behind why it would be a good idea to do this. I'm pretty sure they do this to prep the students going into BCIT's nursing program since they do this as well in the program (they use problem base learning PBL in BCIT nursing).

I hope this helps!


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Thank you so much for your input! Extremely helpful :)