BCCC nursing and Holy Name Hospital Nursing

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hi i am currently a student in her second year of college and desperately want to change my major and get into a nursing program. it is so hard to find one that will take you. My GPA is very good. what are my chances of getting into Bergen Community College nursing program and Holy Name Hospital nursing program?

I know bergen only 90 seats are available and 1400-1500 people apply. Holy Name is what I would rather go to it is just so expensive but I don't mind I'd rather be in debt and pay it off doing a career that i LOVE.

what are some tips?

please guys any advice will help i am so desperate.

thank you so much

I'm sorry but i just feel so alone in this and have no one to turn to for advice.

i want this so bad

Nonyvole, BSN, RN

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The very best people to talk to would be the admissions counselors at each of those schools. They'll be able to look at your transcripts (both high school and college) and tell you more, especially how to become a more competitive applicant.

Unfortunately, it's very difficult to get solid advice from an internet forum when you have highly specific questions like probability of being accepted into a program. Unless a member is on the application committee at either of those schools, we just don't have the knowledge.

That being said, it's never a bad thing to work on being a highly competitive applicant. Find the best references you can, work on application essays if required, and prepare for interviews. Study to take the TEAS/HESI/whatever entrance exams they might have you take. You can look into becoming a CNA and getting for a job as a CNA (which, since I'm guessing you're in northern New Jersey, might be a touch difficult but CNA jobs are out there.)

And good luck!