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just submitted my application for BCC’s fall 2021 nursing program. Please add yourself to this feed so we can all keep track of everyone’s progress and make new friends! 



I submitted my application the first day available on the 1st of October. The wait begins.


That’s awesome! I’m so excited!! They said the earlier you send in your application the better because sometimes they have to go by how soon you applied due to the over abundance of applicants. I’m crossing my fingers and toes! 

I heard the same, have confidence! We got this 🙂

did you get an email saying your application was not complete? They sent me an email after saying that it was a mistake and it was still under review by admissions. I emailed them back like, wth is going on? LOL 

I did not haha, I did email them a few days following my application to make sure everything I needed, they had. Just be sure to keep in touch with admisions making sure they have everything needed 🙂

This is Bristol community college yes? I also applied for fall 2021! On October 2nd. Fingers are crossed we all get in. 


Yes it is! Thank you! I hope so too!!

Did you pick the traditional version or the ehealth version?

I went with traditional, how about you?

Hi! Just found this thread. I also applied October 1st to the program. I applied to the traditional program.  Good luck to everyone who applied! 🤞🏼

I applied October 1st to the traditional program as well - Good luck to everyone and fingers crossed! 

Victoria Pena

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Hi y'all! I just found this thread! I applied in October too!! These next couple of weeks are going to draaaaag!