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I"m in high school interested in becoming a nurse but i was wondering, i know there are some colleges/universities that accept people right after high school but specifically which ones accept people straight out of high school?...or at least those that have a good chance of getting in. And if you're on the waitlist for a 1-3 years would you have to apply each year? or do you just wait for the uni/college answer if you got in? Also for those who prefer having a degree, what degree would be good for pre-nursing?


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As far as I know all colleges/unis will accept students in to a nursing program straight out of HS as long as they meet the entry requirements.

For Unis this usually means writing a certain amount of provincials and having a minimum GPA in certain classes.

For both college and uni you will need to meet the minimum entry requirements for the nursing program. These are usually along the lines of Biology 12, Principals of Math 11, English 12, Chemistry 11 (all with at least a c+ grade). Some schools want higher grades and extra sciences.

My recommendation would be to apply as soon as possible to any school that accepts on a wait list basis. They usually will give you a spot on the wait list conditionally as soon as you have proof of enrollment in your last prerequisite course.

Also, if you still have a year or more of HS left, try and get as many of the required courses completed by the first term of grade 12. This means that you will be able to apply to schools that accept on a points/most qualified basis. Most schools accept applicants from around Oct - Jan for entry in the following Sep. If you have your pre requisites completed by Christmas then you can apply to those schools that do not have a wait list and thus have more chances of getting in to school right after HS

Of course - it has been a few years since I was in HS and I know things have changed. Also - I never looked in to going to school straight after HS so I don't know if the colleges and unis have any agreements between schools (like for instance, giving you a conditional acceptance based on previous grades or something of the like). I would recommend speaking with a career counsellor at both your HS and your secondary school of choice for more information.

Hope this helps you some!


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There was a time where the previous poster would have been correct in their statement, but the same is not true anymore. Many schools require a year or more of post-secondary education before you are eligible to apply to a nursing program. For example, BCIT is one of these schools. However, some schools still accept applicants directly out of high school (a quick look at Langara's website would indicate that this is the case, as long as you have all the pre-requisites).

You should talk to your school's guidance counselor, whose knowledge of BC university/colleges is certainly more exhaustive than mine. They can also help you ensure you have the correct amount of credits in key courses to maximize your eligibility for nursing programs. You can also do some research on your own, as many admission requirements are posted on the school's webpages. Some major nursing schools in BC are UBC, BCIT, Douglas College, Langara College, UVic, Kwantlen, and Vancouver Communitiy College (Licenced Practical Nursing).

Remember too that nursing programs are competitive to get into and you may need a back-up plan in case you don't get in right away. Always best to have a plan-B :) :twocents:

Good luck! :nurse:


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Hi, I don't know what part of BC you are from, but i am a student in Prince George, they have a wonderful program and I was excepted right out of high school, I just had met the requirements chem 11, bi12, math 11, eng 12, and there was no problem my grades were ok but not great high b's low a's in high school and I had no problem. There is also a sister school in quesnel that never has wait list.


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It's hard to get into a nursing programme in a major city. In recent years, GMCC in Edmonton had 1200 applicants for 120 seats. They select solely by marks. I've been hearing anything less than an overall 85 doesn't have a chance of acceptance.

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